A Quick Note On Wearable Fitness

Keeping physically fit sure is tough these days. It was quite difficult in the past as well, but nowadays it seems we have a lot of fancy gadgets to help with keeping track of things like our calorie intake and even how many steps to take during the day. It’s amazing to think how far technology has advanced in such a short time. I can remember when radios are still popular, nowadays it seems like people don’t even know exist anymore.

If there’s one thing I regret during this whole experiment is not being able to bring fancy gadgets like my fitness tracker to help me when I’m exercising since it really helps to show me how many calories I’m burning by keeping track of my heart rate as well as my food intake.

My Fitbit is one of the best fitness trackers (and by extension, the best triathlon watch) for running I’ve ever owned and that’s saying a lot considering I have had so many fitness products over the years. Having the ability to measure my heart rate on-the-fly and logging all of my data into the app has been invaluable to me and it’s very difficult to give up and go back to the old school way of writing everything down. But I will be sure to stay true to this little experiment make sure I’m not using anything that was made after 1979.

I was recently taking a quick peek at the Internet (cheating I know!) And saw some reviews on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2/Tom Tom Spark 3. The reviewer claimed that they were two of the best smart watches for women but I found this rather dubious as they don’t look very feminine to me. Oh well.

I have often wondered if the whole Internet thing is to starting to distract people more than ever. I guess before we had television and there was a lot of advertising, especially in the fitness field so maybe at least being able to go on the Internet and get some unbiased reviews is a little bit more empowering than what your mom and dad had to deal with in their heyday.

I suppose exercise and eating right is a category that has not changed all that much. I think it’s kind of silly to see all of these fad diets and exercise programs that seem to be geared mostly towards professional athletes who eat six meals a day and go to the gym and probably take lots of steroids. It’s silly to me because I’m pretty sure the vast majority of people just need to eat less and exercise more to achieve the results that they desire.

At least that’s how it is for me anyway. Whenever I noticed my scale getting a little bit higher than it should be, all I do is eat less and exercise more. And wouldn’t you know it my weight is back down to normal again. It’s amazing how much a little portion control and aerobic exercise can go such a long way. It also helps that I was able to use my fitness trackers to log my meals and also how many steps I toke during the week. My trackers seem to have a sensor for almost everything. I think they even log when your going up and down stairs instead of using the elevator! How cool is that. I have also heard there are trackers that have GPS on them! That is a bit too crazy for me and I think I will stick with just the basics for now.

It also helps if you like to exercise as you are more likely to stick to it, right? Its nice to have a little technological assistance in the areas we are weak in. A lot of my friends struggle with this concept which is why I always try to buy them fitness trackers as gifts so that they will be reminded constantly to keep those calories and check and stay fit.

Haha. I guess I better get used to living old-school even though I do miss my fitness trackers. It’s back to the past for me for now guys.


Life And My Trip To The Adriatic]

I recently had a death in the family and that has changed my outlook on life a lot. It has made me start to re evaluate the direction I am heading in and rethink my goals for everything.

It has also shown me that life is short, and you should make use of what time you have while you are here. As such, I have decided to do something I always wanted to do: travel!

I have a friend in Croatia who gave me an invitation to stay at her place, so i figured that would be best place to start. But I was a bit squeamish about traveling since I have never been out of the AU before. So I figured the best way to get my feet wet was to join a small group tour for safety. I did some research online and found Original World, who offers adriatic tours to many of the different Balkans countries at a very reasonable price. And the great thing about them is that they seem to be a smaller company.. this helps to ensure a smaller group size for a more intimate experiance.

I decided on this tour since it was right near where my friend lived, so i didnt even have to pay for accomedation! I got to see Dalmatia, which I think was a great place to start my journey in as it has that "city by the sea" feel to it. The tour was actually a multi week tour too. So we saw many places in Adriatic region: Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was quite a journey and i really had a lot of fun.

I plan on doing more traveling but for now I am back home and ready for some more seventies living! But seriously though.. this site was never more than just an experiment. But I may start it back up agaian, who knows..

Ep 4: Play The Five Tones — Twenty Seventy ]

It’s a brand new [podcast] day! And, most excitingly, it’s all about 1970s Steven Spielberg.

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Ep 3: Our Bonza Accent — Twenty Seventy ]

Here’s the latest episode of the podcast, in which Georgia Webster and I discuss the Australian accent and vernacular of the 1970s and how it got us where we are today.

(Note: we had a few technical difficulties with this one but just imagine you’re listening on a crystal radio set and it’ll become authentically ‘70s.)

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Thanks for having me, TODAY! 
You can watch the segment (for the first time, if you missed it, or again and again F O R E V E R) online here! 

Thanks for having me, TODAY

You can watch the segment (for the first time, if you missed it, or again and again F O R E V E R) online here

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The Halfway Mark

Apparently these days all I have to do is snap my finger and it’s suddenly June. 

That’s me at my housewarming all the way back in February, giving it my best Rosalyn from American Hustle, natch. 

Since then things have become a little less like dress-ups and more second nature. It’s not uncommon for people to say “Wait, you’ve been wearing ‘70s clothes all this time?” when I tell them about the project. 

As for the project, the core reason I started this in the first place - to disconnect from capitalism/consumerism, and stop shopping to pass the time - is going strong. Aside from a few bits and pieces (underwear, if you must know), everything I’ve been wearing/using/sitting on this year has either come from my existing collection or the local op-shop.

On the few occasions where I’ve accompanied friends or family to malls or shopping centres I now drift through them a bit like David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth; amused and fascinated by this human thing they call “shopping”. For someone who used to come back from The Grove or Galleria at least twice weekly with bags bulging, this is quite a change. 

Have I saved money doing this? It’s hard to tell; certainly I haven’t plumbed the depths of penury-related despair like I had at this time last year. But, interestingly enough, living a more '70s life has freed up the time I would have once spent shopping or hanging out on Tumblr and left it open for seemingly endless dinners and drinks with friends. And, sadly, the cost of drinks and dinners out has not stayed steady at 1970s rates. 

Given the choice between dinner with friends and a bag of cheap, fast fashion that I’ll wear once at most, however, I’d choose the former - and it’s bittersweet to realise that much of my shut-in tendencies in L.A. were due not to, as I often editorialised, the fact that “there’s no night life”, but rather that when you spend all your money at Forever 21, it’s solo beans and rice from the 99c Only store until kingdom come. 

The free time that’s not been taken up by ~hanging out with friends has been spent staring into the void (a very '70s activity if done with a stiff drink), and consequently I’m a) back in therapy, which I am loving, and b) setting my life on a slightly different course, which I am also loving. I didn’t have the time or space to think about these things when I was busy filling the void with meaningless social media consumption and/or the business of being a mall-rat. 

So, at the halfway mark, I’m happy to say things are going swimmingly. Onward!

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A Telegram From Four Decades Ago, Today


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Ep 2: Decade of Polyester and Sweat — Twenty Seventy ]

As someone who prefers to look good where possible, naturally a primary consideration going into this project was “WHAT WILL I WEAR?!” Consequently, for Episode 2 of Twenty Seventy, I got my friend and colleague Mel Campbell in to talk about fabrics, fashion and fit.

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We’re in the process of editing Episode #2 of the Twenty Seventy podcast, which concerns fashion (and especially, clothing sizing), so get in the mood with this brilliant short from 1977 about platform shoes (which I have been clomping around town in since I picked up a cracking pair - that sees me shoot to about 6'2" - at the op shop a few weeks back).

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…Speaking of which, here it is, the greatest video ever. 

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How 'real' is a life lived online? - Life Matters - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) ]

Discussed, among other things, the bitter irony of “having to” document this project (i.e. if it’s not on social media, does it exist?) with Natasha Mitchell this morning. Stick it on your crystal radio kit and tune in!

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One woman's quest to live in the 1970s for a year - in 2014.

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